Upgrade Your Briggs & Stratton To Electronic Ignition.

This is a VERY LONG video, it takes you through the whole process of upgrading an old (1975) Briggs & Stratton 8HP engine to electronic ignition with basic hand tools.
Sears 8 horse chain drive 2 speed
Briggs and Stratton 8 HP 319cc horizontal
Model 190402
Type 0858-01
Code 7608190
Sparkplug Champion CJ8
Oil SAE30, or 10W30/40 2 3/4 pints
Pullstart clutch #399671 $29.98
Gasline 1/4″ × 16″ (Prestone) FU0104
Coil 298968 $51 (retro-fit electronic) 398811 $69
Points/Condenser Kit 299061 $15.99
Carb kit. 295938 (394693) $35.95
Plug cap 66538s $3.98

I purchased all my parts from :
Allen’s Small Engine Svc.
4650 St-Catherine St
St Isidore, Ontario,Canada
K0C 2B0



31 thoughts on “Upgrade Your Briggs & Stratton To Electronic Ignition.

  1. Hi there…I have a 1979 Briggs and Stratton 8 hp which has the points and condenser and am looking for the B&S PART NUMBER for the solid state ignition conversion kit..perhaps you have a source for this kit…Thank you ..I'm having difficulty finding the part number….thanks again

  2. Wow, I didn't realize how much that would cost. around 70 bucks eh? This was a great video, i don't consider it a waste of time at all, however, if I paid a hooker and things ended the way this video did, I'd expect a serious discount. LOL

    So if this is going on like yours was, where the thing would get hot and then jump spark into the head and cut your engine off and stay no start till it cooled off, AND!, you didn't have 70 bucks, Would it be a safe assumption that a guy could pull the wire off the plug, remove the side pull start cover , run a rubber hose Or heavy shrink wrap down the spark plug wire or maybe even coat it with silicone and put a rubber grommet where it comes out the top to keep it away from direct metal contact. shrink it all down if you had the shrink wrap tube, and put it all back and be good to go?
    is there any other noticeable difference in the way the engine runs performance wise or any other thing?

    I am just wondering if it's worth it really, I mean, I really like the idea but i am on a tight budget and I mess with these old lawn equipment all the time, I have a couple of Ariens 1970's tillers w/ the Tecumseh 7hp's and reverse , mid sixties edger, I just picked up a 72 mcLane also , and I have at least a Ton of Mini Bikes around here. all of which I pick up for dirty ass cheap.

  3. a good video would be fabulous, if your cameraman could have held the damn thing still! I suffered from a lot of dizziness while watching this. had to take a break in fact:

  4. Briggs & Stratton snowblower not quite sure on engine size where is it located again when replacing coil should it be from the same size motor does an 8 horse have to be an 8 horse electronic coil when changing from points ignition

  5. Really bad idea not to use a wrench to torque the flywheel back down. Very good chance your flywheel will come off and injure someone. They make a tool to go over the starter ratchet.

  6. Hello troll Forge I have a question did that engine come out of a Montgomery wards 15 garden tractor if so I was wondering if you could show a video of how you got the Cupler for the driveshaft off the front of the engine I am having troubles getting mine off I have that exact similar engine in my wards 15 but I can't get to the magneto because of that driveshaft cupler

  7. I can replace the wire on any coil,cut off the bad part and replace with a piece car plug wire, using a sick pin with the head cut off. push it into the center of the wire and tape . i have been doing this for thirty years. it works.

  8. awesome video! what is the model number on this tiller? I have a 917.297580. do you happened to have a manual? also do you know the size of the tiller tine engaging belt?

  9. The first time I took one of these motors apart I was 6 yeas old and my dad was mad as hell because I tore up the lawnmower but then I put it back together and I have done the same thing ever since.I hope you know half of what I know but your video shows that you only know less than half of what I know.

  10. Your video is informative just not completely accurate, I do like your homemade parts dish. Put a little pressure under the flywheel and 1 good hit will release it'.

  11. The woodruff key is basically a shear pin and he didn't get it tight enough against the flywheel. It will fail. Don't ever hit that thing with a hammer. For lack of a proper tool use a pipe wrench to tighten it.

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