Used sportsman Generator Repair and Getting It working

My wife found a great deal on a sportsman 4000 surge watts generator. It would start but die right away. In this video we clean the carb and replace the fuel line to get it working on the first pull.

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12 thoughts on “Used sportsman Generator Repair and Getting It working

  1. I have a sportsman 7000 generator it starts and run fine but I can't turn it off by key i have to turn off gas valve and let it run till it runs out of fuel in carburetor any help would be gladly appreciated

  2. I just receive this exact generator as a gift, but I'm wondering if there's a way to install wheels where those 4 rubber things are that it sits on. Have you come up with anything for your generator?

  3. Good investment, and with alittle handy work it works great! I have also a newer version of Sportsman Gen4000–with RV switch and well works great! Thanks for the video and knowledge just in case.

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