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  1. Alot of these engines get run with really loose rockers, and get misdiagnosed with new batteries, cables, starters. All because the valves are out of adjustment and they lost the compression release.

  2. Your right! I have seen engines look even locked up with a failed compression relief valve when actually the settings on the exhaust and intakes were off and it was not bleeding off the compression at the right time. I always say do a compression check first, but in this case I set the valve I found off. I found out however the rod was broke on the other side!

  3. How likely is it that the camshaft could be damaged in one of these engines? I have adjusted the valves, rebuilt the carb, replaced the head gaskets and still have a popping noise and a difference in exhaust gas temperatures on my vtwin. 

  4. And MCRideout u might want to check 1 of 2 things.. ur keyway could be sheared and cause the engine to be out of time…and the other thing could be do a compression check one of ur valve guide could be pushed down into the cyl a lil bit causing the valve to stay open a bit.i ran into the valve issue on a 14hp vanguard v twin..hope this helps

  5. After adjusting the valve lash (?) on my recent purchase of a used Simplicity LTH 16hp Vanguard, ( formerly 12.5) I noticed the metallic sound was still there and most obvious at idle, (which for some reason, is creeping back up again. I suspect the governor is set wrong.idk yet.) I did find it odd that the adjustment screws on the rockers are already near the adjustment nut, which makes me think there's wear on the cam or some other work was done that shortened these. But all 4 are the same. I'd hate to find out I bought a used mower with a failing engine that might blow apart sooner than later. The seller admits he works ( or worked) at a dealership and I suspect he gets these cheaply through his work as trade ins etc. Possibly, even the used engines. Anyway, it's a process of elimination and will likely buy the mechanics stethoscope locally for a few $ more rather than waiting on amazon. One thought, is another video showing a magnet on the flywheel might be loose, although, I doubt it would make this valve type noise, without coming off. But the noise seems to be coming from the front of the engine. I suppose it could be the belt or the electric PTO..

  6. Just replacing the pushrod doesnt fix the problem…..why did it come off? The main problem with these engines is that since they are air cooled…..grass and dirt will clog the cooling fins on the head and build heat. When it builds heat, the exhaust valve guide expands and closes the valve stem clearance making the exhaust valve stick in the guide. When it does, the pushrod comes off. A lot of times you will need to replace the guide as it will pull out of the head some. After replacing the guide, you will have to re-cut the valve seats to get the valves to seal. Good luck.

  7. I just worked on a 24hp intek v-twin .one of exhaust rods fell out and went in the motor ,got all bent and twisted.took motor apart and surprisingly nothing else broke.replaced that rod and so far been running good.

  8. I did have a push rod that came loose. I reused it cause it was not bent. I replaced it and it came loose again So do I have a valve that is not working?

  9. This is a known problem for Brigg V-Twins. Guide gets loose and slides up and will bend push rod.  Take head  off and rockers and see if guides are up or down (the usual problem is guide comes up, stops the rocker and will bend push rod. If not up take same size long socket and tap it up from inside head (put push rod in the guide from the top to keep it from messing up the guide when you tap it up.. do not take it all the way out if you can avoid it,, just most of the way…if the valve guide is pushed up clean it as best you can (or push it up with a same diameter socket)  coat it with red lock-tite , and carefully push it back down flush with the the top of valve guide rim.. (make sure you have valve in the guide before doing this to avoid damaging the edge of the guide.  Then peen around the edge around the guide. IF the bottom is flush with the bottom of the guide support , peen it also (some are and some are not flush) Between the locktite and the peening it will not move again (mine has been fine for 3 years-  BIG yard-over 2 acers- and you have nothing to loose,, cost to replace a new one (head and all) ebay $84.00

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