10 thoughts on “V-twin Rebuild ] #1 ] Covers and Cleaning

  1. Hey I first saw you at the last big live video chat that tmansgokarts hosts, and I really like your videos. I'm in need of some views, do you think you could maybe give me a shoutout?

  2. Look up some videos on youtube on how to weld. They really helpped me. Onece you get good at welding upgrade your welder. The quality of the welder brand definatly makes a difference. When choosing your gas, go with an argon mixture. Iv use strait up co2 at school and it makes a crap load of slag and it makes the welds look crappy. Nice work on the engine man! Keep the videos coming bud!

  3. busy little bee! nice tires! way to go..videos looking good..see you in the forum…come to chat sometime! a lot of members have been chatting lately

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