Valve Adjustment Briggs & Stratton Intek OHV (Craftsman Riding Lawnmower / Lawn Tractor)

Time to tune up the intek engine in my Craftsman lawn tractor, learn how to adjust the valves to factory specification. This procedure is very similar in most OHV engines in many popular brands of riding lawnmowers equipped with a Briggs & Stratton small engine.

I also show you a larger oil filter that may be used on these engines and it is cheaper than what the OEM recommends. The number for the long filter is a NAPA 1348 and the short filter is 7035 check out the pricing from your local auto parts store.

I have a new gasket on order because it is unlikely the old gasket will reseal without leaking. I will also be changing the spark plug to a NGK V type to see if the performance is any better, this lawnmower runs like a top and it is six years old.

I am an independent Amsoil dealer, the synthetic engine oil developed for small engines has been used in this lawnmower since it was new. The engine oil has not been changed since last year and it is a dark amber color, it has not turned black. Amsoil ATM has not contributed to any visible deposits as you will see in the video, the inside of the valve cover is shiny metal and there is no varnish build up like you would see from using regular motor oil. I also run Amsoil in the hydrostatic pump and the final drive in the transmission.

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22 thoughts on “Valve Adjustment Briggs & Stratton Intek OHV (Craftsman Riding Lawnmower / Lawn Tractor)

  1. you dont have to set it to .007 or the 004. you can set it to 0 because when the engine gets hot the block expands and the 0 goes to .004

  2. I would not recommend setting the valves to any specification not supported by Briggs & Stratton. I have literature here that states all settings are for a cold engine; Intake 0.003 – 0.005 and Exhaust: 0.005 – 0.007 for all 21, 28, and 31 series engines meeting California emissions.

  3. Heavy,, you say at about :5 minutes into this video that that valve cover never been taken off??? That sumbich wuz clean as he'll to have over150 hours…even at 9 minutes in you still haven't said anything about adjusting the valves.. Stop stop the video Quit chaten about the dammmm oil filter. Do us a video on OHV adjusting. Help!!

  4. This cover is clean because I run synthetic oil, I never run that cheap nasty stuff. Its true, this is the first time the cover has been removed since 2006 when the engine was manufactured.

  5. Outting on a bigger oil filter is a mistake. There is a reason for the size of the filters. 

  6. Got a Briggs v twin 07 over 540 hours on the motor. Carb is new cause I didn't wanna fix the old and starter is new cause the old one popped but everything runs great and it keeps on going. Here in Texas it gets hot running full throttle all day but reading the temp it never passes 200. Synthetic works good on these

  7. If you change your oil at least once or twice a year the inside should be clean. Dirty air filters make dirty oil. Caused by excessive gas in the cylinder.

  8. Thankful for getting the information, BUT, get to the proceedure without so much blah, blah. Actually thought you were going to be a mechanic. Wish I had gotten the manual, because I only wanted to know the actual timing for this proceedure, not knowing if the start-cam lobe is the same running clearance as the run cam lobe.
    Good try though.

  9. Man i had to come back to this vid to comment,i watched this while back,my aunts JD rider started running bad,it has a 23 hp briggs,48 in deck its a LA 145 model it has 253 hrs on it, she bought this mower new, (lowes)and just used it thats it for 5 yrs now,so i go and start doin simple stuff 1st,check the oil barely showing on stick black as a ace of spades, she has never changed or added oil to it i find out through questioning her, the electrode on the spark plug was burnt damn near gone,carbon all over too,the air filter was original dry grass leaves caked all over it,grass debris caked all under the flywheel,zero maintenance,and win u watch her mowe shes in 1st gear just creeping with throttle wide open, i did complete tune up kit from lowes,new blades and greased all the zerks that also never been touched,i told her she has a spindle goin next cause it sounds a little rough turning it by hand,but needles to say this damn thing still works and runs better then ever she said.,the filter was so clogged it ran like it was on partial choke blowin black carbon all over the engine muffler. AMAZED!

  10. I'd like to hear what these valves sound like so as to differentiate from loose rockers to sticking valves. I would think if the noise doesn't go away, then it's probably a sticking valve. I haven't yet switched to the synthetic as this engines oil is unknown to me having bought it used from a 3rd party. It was after buying it, I noticed the slight valve noise and assumed it just needed an adjustment. After having used it to cut the grass of over an acre at a lower rpm, I checked the temperature with a laser operated one and was shocked to see it it nearly 300 degrees. One other YT video poster said these are more efficient and run cooler at higher normal rpm. Probably because of the cooling fan. I don't see the reason to use more fuel for light cutting and wonder about an additional cooling fan. 😛

  11. I watched dutifully to see valves adjusted. Instead I get your opinions on oil you sell, the wrong filter and a hot running sparkplug. As I like others would want to avoid $850 for a new 18.5 hp Briggs it's best to follow the manufacturer guidlines on the 45 ft lbs on the torque t20 set bolt and the. 04 valve lash space.
    I can't believe I watched this all and you didn't do a valve adjustment. I suggest you change the misleading title for this editorial style video.

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