7 thoughts on “valve replacement the right way briggs and stratton

  1. Cool video! I haven't seen a valve lapping tool in years. When I was a kid many years ago my dad worked at a Western Auto store and I remember that funny looking tool on the shelves. Now I know what it's for!
    Your good with motors. Do you plan on going to school for Engineering or Automotive?

  2. Thanks. I never had the math skills to be an engineer. I went to college and got a degree in an unrelated feild. I have thought of opening my own biz but who knows when or if that will happen. Right now I am taking side jobs when i can outside of regular work. I do like messing with motors / cars/ trucks/ equipment so who knows what the future will hold. Some formal training would be helpful as most of what i know was self taught or picked up from old timers.

    it runs vid coming soon.

  3. 30 some years of working on various engines and drivetrains and whatever else came along with street rodding, and I'm STILL awed at man's ingenuity. Just the average tecumseh/briggs is a marvel to me. I'm with you also, I far prefer Tecumseh.

  4. OMG …..TECUMSEH…….REALLY>>>>>? Iam sorry but Tecumseh has had nothing but problems with carbs and there [Vector and Enduro engines had so many problems you couldn't give them away]. Guys iam sorry but ive been around small engines all my life and when Tecumseh makes a engine as great as the twin Vanguard then maybe I will change my mind on there Engines….Kohler Command on the other hand are great engines as well as Honda and Kaw……But never would I say Tecumseh is a better engine than Briggs…..I will say that when Tec and Briggs where in comp they made cast iron engines that were some what problem free…..BUt let me tell you some thing you may not have known Thomas Catreal was a enginer for Briggs who was fired from Briggs for taking engine specs to Tecumseh /Tecumseh then made a engine that had the same piston and rings that Briggs had/Briggs found out about this and sued Tecumseh / over the years Tec and Briggs have traded  Workers so in all honesty Briggs sits as the head on Tecumseh sholders .

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