11 thoughts on “VIDEO REQUEST FOR BONFIELD2002 how to set engine rpm’s using an inductance style tachometer

  1. My hrc216 is around 2k rpm and seems like it’s screaming…. I can imagine the engine flying away at 3250!!! I mean I start it and when full throttle it’s blowing the metal door open. Last hrx217 I raise rpm up past 2500 or so and it made the muffler come off and put holes in it…. and broke the exhaust valve arm…. not sure exactly name right now it wasn’t valve but the rocker arm cracked and made it so when you went to start it the rope got yanked out of your hand. It did cut awesome and picked everything up! But wasn’t letting the engine last.

  2. hi jeremy…i have an HRX 217 and want to increase my max rpm as you have done in this video as i feel that it's gotten slower over the last couple years. i had a hard time seeing exactly what you were adjusting with your pliers. i'm a novice so sorry if the answer to the question should be obvious 🙂 thanks

  3. MR FOUNTAIN have you ever used a briggs and atratton tachometer (treysit sirometer ) part # 19200 I was giving one without instructions or do you know if there is a video out there somewhere thank you for your time

  4. MM1 I googled small engine tach and looked at e-bay and cant find the tach you have, If you have a chance could you steer me in the right direction, if I remember right Donyboy73 told me he does not have one either. Thanks.

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