villiers mk12 engine after rebuild and respray

newly rebuilt villiers mk12 engine, the reason it doesn’t fire on every stroke is because i have to manually fill the carb with fuel and i over filled it so it ran too rich, it never Misses a beat with the new carb and temporary fuel tank (lucozade bottle), it also doesn’t have a silencer so it is a bit loud, with funny commentary from my grandpa



2 thoughts on “villiers mk12 engine after rebuild and respray

  1. Sounds like the timing is a bit too far advanced, hence the noise and the flames. My Mk12 was like this and ran very sooty but I advanced it a bit and ran like a dream.

    Nice work.

  2. Aha, there is your problem!

    On my engine thats what I did at first and it wouldn't have it. The correct setting is 3/16ths of an inch before top dead centre. So just remove the head and with a rule marked in 16ths measure it back. Should go well then, first time every time!

    Good luck with the coil winding, sounds like an interesting project.

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