9 thoughts on “Vintage Plumb 5249 (Proto) 24 Tooth Ratchet Teardown

  1. It looks very similar to my early 1970's Craftsman ratchets. I've used them ever since just after high school.  Tools were once made to last a lifetime. Amazing that they still offer rebuild kit! Thanks

  2. I worked 4 years for a mine supply company
    before I got laid off last year, and we sold these rebuild kits along with a large line of Stanley/proto tools. I have seen many of these kits. I need to buy one for my self and a 1/2 extension as well some one borrowed mine and never gave it back..

  3. The Plumb brand was changed to Proto in the late 1940s or early 1950s because of a lawsuit over the Plumb name.Those screws,sometimes the heads get stripped out and you will have to drill out the head of the screws out.I had to do this with an Armstrong ratchet.

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