5 thoughts on “Vtwin Governor removal

  1. After you remove the shaft, you could tap that hole, put in a fitting as an oil return for an oil cooler… Might as well use that hole for something positive 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Some TIPS:
    [1] If your governor gear is seized on the shaft, trust me…it WILL come off. You'll need a tie rod / pitman arm puller (small 2-sided puller) and then maybe a small 3-jaw gear puller once you've got enough room. Took me 1.5-2hr to work it off without damaging anything.
    [2] Clean off the shaft with some fine grit paper (oil-wetted) and make sure new gear has clearance.
    [3] When you're putting the crankcase cover back on, do it with the oil pump cover OFF so you can line up the oil pump shaft into the pump gear.
    [4] CHANGE THE OIL PUMP GASKET & COVER while you're this far. The parts are only like $10-$15 shipped.

  3. Thanks a lot for posting this video. My governor has stopped working and I now want to take it out. While I'm inside of the case I want to install a slightly hotter cam and also a rev kit.

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