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  1. Hard to get help from Walbro or repair clinic or get any response from any one. Were can I get the tool to adjust the deedle vealve (float) level and is a main jet available any were

  2. All this info is great but in the real world the cost of labor time doesn't allow you to run all these tests, attempt to repair it and then try it on the piece of equipment. In truth when a carb is at fault and a replacement is still available it is tossed in the scrap barrel and a new one installed. How much time can a shop waste on a $100 (or less) piece of equipment.

  3. These carbs have so many kits to service and getting the right one is difficult.My advice is to buy a new carb as they are so cheap now days.I have brought kits and they have still failed or they have been the wrong ones.

  4. Referring to 21:15 – after cleaning, drying, and reassembling the carb, how do you "make sure the needle is wet before pressure testing?" Wet with what at that point?

  5. I want to know what is the difference on the fuel pump side, when you get a brown color diaphragm , a blue color diaphragm and the most common one the black color. who out there can tell my what is the difference.

  6. this is extremely thorough awesome how to video most definite TU. but for your average home user, it's much cheaper to get a rebuild carb than to buy all the tools. and also many kits are not available.

  7. Thank You for the great video and information. I have the problem of a leaf blower from the 90s, The carburetor has large numbers 041, Smaller numbers that looks like w 1538. I cannot find a rebuild kit number for this part number. Can You help me with this problem? Yes, It is a WALBRO. Also it looks like I can't remove the screen without destroying it. Again Thank You.

  8. Thanks for a great video guys. I do have a concern about the tamper resistant section though. If all the carburetors you guys produce operated at the same air temperature and same elevation above the same mean sea level @ a specific barometric pressure you would not have an H/L adjustment on your product. In my real world it simply ain't so. I have had to make adjustments on the fly just to get through the day on mountain side harvesting. I know what we really need to do is keep congress out of the engineering department. If you don’t believe it just look what happened to our gas cans!!!
    Ray n S.C.

  9. I found this video quite informative. I have two fairly new weed eaters that hard start and kill when I give it throttle. Any advice?

  10. Walbro makes excellent small engine Carbs. My 2006 Echo CS 330T has always run perfect, but past few times, it started acting like running out of fuel, Now it will not start. New Walbro carb kit fix is on the way

  11. Corrupt EPA is killing our machines. Pop the limit caps off to get full carb adjustments for best running. Not lean near will not run. EPA needs to be shut down, GO TRUMP for US

  12. I just rebuilt a WT318 that has a plastic plate under the primer bulb that is the return to the tankand now It will not prime.
    I used kit # K10-WAT, I tried the stiff blue and the flimsy black rubber pump diaphragms, made sure the one way valve under the primer bulb was closing and opening, set the metering needle flush with the body replaced the screen, poked and blew out all of the holes so what am I missing?
    Is there supposed to be a rubber grommet in the needle seat?

  13. Great Video, I saw where you put a drop of oil on the impulse passage to see the oil move. I would like to put a gauge on the impulse tube to measure the actual pressure and vacuum. What would be the minimum measurements to properly operate the fuel pump diaphragm on a HD 12-1 carburetor. Thank You

  14. I performed the tests and still wasted my money on a Walbro WT-324 carb rebuild kit and check valve that didn't help. These carbs have unserviceable internal check valves that aren't included in their kits. I could have bought a new carburetor instead of wasting time, money and aggravation. From now on if the carb doesn't pass a pressure test after cleaning it, into the scrap pile it goes.

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