Wankel Engine / Rotary Engine – How it works! (Animation)

The Wankel engine, which is also known as a rotary engine, was developed by Felix Wankel in the 1950. This animation explains the basic principle of the rotary engine.

1) Felix Wankel and its invention in the 1950
2) Basic components (rotor, oval-like housing, eccentric shaft, spark plugs)
3) Advantages of the Wankel engine over piston engine
4) Working principle (intake, compression, power, exhaust)



49 thoughts on “Wankel Engine / Rotary Engine – How it works! (Animation)

  1. I never could understand one thing, does anybody could clarify?
    How the friction is lubrificated inside the chamber?
    I mean, in the tip of the "triangle" may have a lot of friction.
    The oil is injected inside the chamber and burned as 2-stroke engine? Tks!

  2. Super animation….It was very helpful as i m Student, it was quite problematic for me to understand. You explained very clearly each and every words have clarified me….

  3. To me this engine looks more efficient than the normal piston engines. Why isn't it used more often? The only car I know with a Wankel is the Mazda RX-8 and it hasn't got the best reputation. Does anybody know why?

  4. the wankel engine was in production in ww2 since wankel was German & was working for hitler by making his engine for torpedoes & firing them at allied ships

  5. Looks very elegant, but the corners of the rotating element are an unsolvable problem, they end up leaking gases and fuel (and oil ! ) Maybe, it could be improved, by new generation 21 century materials that could give a frictionless surface. And I wonder if the triangular shape of the rotating element is the best one to convert into kinetic energy the explosion of the air-fuel mixture.

  6. Mazda no longer manufactures the Wankel type engine… on Friday June 22, 2012 at 4:30pm the Wankel engine assembly plant at Mazda's Hiroshima U2 plant (Ujina #2) shut down and shortly there after was dismantled to make way for a brand new engine assembly facility specifically designed to manufacture Mazda's new signature SKYACTIV line of reciprocating Otto and Diesel engines…

  7. So it has some serious emmision problems with some unburnt fuel mixture at high speeds.it has some problems with one side intake and another exhaust that makes more temperature differences likely more worn out on oneside

  8. The wankel is not a rotary engine, but a rotative piston engine…Felix Wankel tested a rotary wankel, who produce twice the power/cubic from a conventional wankel, but was never built in serie because too expansive and complicated to use…A "rotary engine" is the real name from the ww1 aircraft rotary (radial) engines made by Gnome,Le Rhone,Clerget and copied from Oberussel and others: on such engines, the crankshaft is fixed, and the cylinder block rotate…

  9. cara 200 psi jogados fora pistão roda 3 vezes in vou parabenizas mais um lixo pra NASA aprovar agora tao recrutando de 5 a 18 anos digno de um trabalho da primeira serie

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