23 thoughts on “Weedeater Carburetor Rebuild & Fuel Line Repair Part 1 of 3

  1. heyy i have the same weed eater but i need your help don first i have to tip it up side down so gas can get in the carb then i prime it and it runs off the little bit of primed fuel then shuts off from fuel starvation the fuel line is not long so its at the bottom but i dont know how that will help since theirs no pump to pump it up to the carb so really the only way to run it is up side down can u help don thanks!

  2. what would cause a weed trimmer to not start after priming the bulb on a cub cadet bc 509. this is a wylb1 carb. Done everything normal like before all of a sudden doesnt want to start. Where do I look? Thanks…

  3. I can't for the life of me find a video where you set your weed eater back to the factory settings on my feather light. I have bought a new spark plug and have to tooled around too much with my high and low settings on a carburetor and I just want to get it back to where it was before when at least it ran bogged down lol

  4. Ahhh!!! I removed the black gasket that you left on the entire time. Did I break my carburetor?!?!?! I dont see a replacement gasket in the kit that looks like it. OMG what have I done!!!!!

  5. I have a weed eater its.a feather lite sst after about 10 mins of running with a full tank a gas it will hardley stay running when I turn it on off choke it will bog down is it a carb??

  6. great video. will have a go at it. I would prefer if you were living next door, but seeing as I am in melbourne australia I think I would have a long ways to go to get you to help. will post later to let you know how it went

  7. where's the model number for this trimmer? im sick of looking for it. i have the serial number but that isn't helpful at all

  8. Thanks for the great video. My trimmer has the same carb. This was a great help to ensure I got it back together right.

  9. Is there anything a person can do to keep these carburetors from becoming contaminated and to keep the gaskets from becoming stiff? I'm in the U.S. and of course we have ethanol in our gas virtually all of the time.
    It seems like there are two separate issues here though; one issue is contamination and the other issue is ethenol.
    I swear when I was a kid we had the same Craftsman lawn mower for 20 years and have no recollection of ever needing it to be repaired. These days it seems like I have to clean, adjust, or hit with a hammer every piece of yard equipment I have.
    If people were willing to pay to have things fixed here a person could make a living.

  10. I have the same unit as you are working on. I just sprayed carburetor cleaning all over the carb and it started up and stayed running for a while. Unfortunately, I noticed the primer bulb is now cracked. Where can I get a replacement for this model?

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