49 thoughts on “Weedeater Carburetor Rebuild & Fuel Line Repair Part 3 of 3

  1. an older WeedEater branded one (I was given a 1400 model) was well made and may be worth cleanup and replacing carb parts or the entire thing and the fuel lines/filter. Low cost… maybe $25-40 at most versus $50 an hour at a shop. The old carbs were steel and better materials than new ones from China. If wear is light… keep the old parts and use them

  2. You are the man!! I got my featherlite from my grandfathers estate after he passed away in 1998 and I've used it every year since. It just started giving me problems and I don't want to replace it for sentimental reasons. Your vid saved the day. Thanks a million!

  3. A new carburetor or the parts (fuel line, bulb, etc.) is fairly cheap and easy to install. Once you do it, it makes more sense. But go slow at first and take snapshots if need be to remind you how to reassemble it. Correct fuel/oil is basic, so do not skip that. And small amounts of dirt/gum. etc. can prevent correct fuel flow. A carb. has to be kept clean inside… so clean fuel (filtered) must go in.

  4. DON'T drop your equipment! The fuel filter can come off. Use 12" hemostat pliers to remove and pull the lines thru. The filter hose is installed thru the tank and then install the filter after pulling the hose up out of the top and install the filter. Hemostat pliers pulls it thru. Replace hoses often because they dry and break. Check if it primes.

  5. Thank you for the informative video. im having the same problem as mackendw. does it matter if the fuel lines are the same size and do both lines go into the fuel.

  6. hey don, I followed the procedure to replace the fuel lines in my weedeater ultratrim unit..
    put gas in it but when I prime the carb by depressing the bulb I'm not getting any fuel from the tank. I thought the filter in the tank might be the issue so I tried removing it. same deal. I thought maybe I had the purge line and the fuel lines swapped so I tried switching them at the carb. when I unplugged the line from the purge line, it spewed fuel from the line like there was pressure built up in the tank. any ideas what might be going on??

  7. Thank you donyboy73 for this great video. The best one that I have found on Utube about fixing Weedeaters that won't start. You can now buy Chinese carbs, with primer bulb, fuel lines and filter as a kit for $12 to $20. Just be sure to match the correct engine numbers & carb numbers. A tip I learned if you have been using one for over a year is to check the 'spark arrestor screen' for build up with carbon. The carbon will prevent the engine from having much power. Just my 2 cents 👍🙂

  8. The best "how to video" I have seen on the internet.
    I have been looking for weeks and have yet to find one that was worth watching.
    Thanks. Good job.

  9. Hi, I hope you can help me. I have a featherlite weed eater, date on stamp says 1998. I think it needs a new carb, the whole kit. But, it only has the serial number on the stamp, not the model number. Would you have any idea which carb and kit I would need? Thank you so much. Update….I found my manual, the model is Wild Thing WT21…. XT200 / XT25 Series

  10. Does the i.d. of the fuel line make any difference to engine operation? I simply replaced both fuel lines with the same "larger of the two" i.d. lines.

  11. Donnyboy you should provide links in your video description for the parts and tools you use. It would be good for the viewers and if I am not mistaken Amazon will pay you for the hits from your links. Thanks! Great videos!

  12. Hi Donyboy, I have a problem. I'm working on my cousin 4 cycle weed eater. It wouldn't start, so I took the carb off, cleaned it, changed both fuel lines replaced, so in order for it too crank, I used some starter fluid and it crank and ran good. But when I shut it off, It want start back, unless I use the starter fluid. What could be the issue that it will only crank with starter fluid??? Do you have a video on something like that??? Direr need of help.

  13. Great tutorial! I got the same one today at a curb. I had to unsieze the engine, the crankcase was full of oil, and the gas lines crumbled. I wanted to remove the muffler to look at the piston condition, but the muffler has springs and whatever else holding it on. I'm Probably only going to clean the carb and add new fuel lines. It seems to have compression and spark, but I don't really want to put anything into it $ besides the gas oil mix.

  14. Get Amazon's 12" hemostat pliers to replace fuel lines and filters. They have a 45° and a straight. Don't replace the needle valve because of the spring. Get the spline mixture tool. Adjust the lo mixture for highest RPM'S at idle and hi mixture for highest RPM'S at full throttle. Measure the I.D and O.D of the fitting on the carb. to determine the size needed. Get a tape measure with 16th's and 32nd.

  15. Thank you so much for this tutorial – thanks to you my dad was able to successfully repair our weed eater (Troy here in Queensland, Australia 🙂 )

  16. great video sequence. i have three of these. on my feather lites there is a High idle and Low idle adjustment screw that looks like iot takes a small hollow veined adjustment wrench, would you know the initial settings on the high and low idle and perhaps where to locate the special driver to adjust them?

  17. I was at a stand still thinking it was the coil. I gave it another pull and it started. too much fuel was the case. I watched your video and thought I should check the needle. Gave it a cleaning and found the spring wasn't set properly. Put it back together and it works like new. Great advice on the fuel lines, I"ll be getting around to that over the winter. Thank you for the great videos. Lots of good info.

  18. Many thanks for this and the other 2 videos on repairing a weed eater. Always kind of thought you had to be a master mechanic….or rocket scientist. For those looking for parts for their weed eater (mine's a FX-25 model) here's a link for the fuel filter. As to the carb rebuilding kits, the 1st is still available from this company, but the other is no longer produced. The kit costs $11 plus shipping of course. Because you made EVERYTHING simple to understand, I've subscribed to your channel. Thanks again.http://www.ereplacementparts.com/search_result.php?q=weed+eater+FX-25+fuel+filter

  19. Save my life,  I mixed up the in/out fuel line,  the trimmer kept stalling after few seconds.   Swapped the fuel line and fuel filter, everything is good.  I wonder whey they use the small diameter line for the filter; such pain to insert the filter into the line.

  20. I love your videos. I recommend them to friends and family. I have rebuilt countless small engine carburetors. I acquired a used (free) weedeater. I disassembled the carburetor for cleaning and rebuild, but the needle is stuck. It won't budge at all and there's not much to grab on to. Any tips or tricks? I haven't run into this issue before. I thought I'd run it by you before buying a new carburetor. Thank you.

  21. Hey donyboy what a great video tutorial. I  am not the handiest person in the world, but I watched this a couple of times and ordered parts. The  spring was the tricky part. All  of your videos are great. Keep up the good work!!!!  ;)…. Dave in Kansas..

  22. Thanks for posting these great videos! Because of these videos i have been able to fix my weedeater thats been sitting around the garage for 2 years! I was so happy to get it going ! Thanks again.

  23. That "small part"referred to in the operation looks like a check valve ?? ( don't have one, also not in parts list)..really need it, I beieve, or else fuel just pulses to & fro.

  24. Hey Don, or anyone else who knows. What is the connector on the large fuel line called? i need to buy a lot of these things but dont want to buy the kits since I have plenty of line and filters already.

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