Weekend Projects – Dial-a-Speed Motor Controller

Complete instructions for this episode of Weekend Projects can be found at http://makezine.com/projects/the-dial-a-speed/

Build this homemade “one-size-fits-most” speed controller for use with your hobby projects. It’s small, it’s flexible, and it’s built with off-the-shelf components around the venerable 555 timer IC.



23 thoughts on “Weekend Projects – Dial-a-Speed Motor Controller

  1. I am hoping to make an electric cuptisserie turner that is variable speed. My frame work will carry the weight of the tumblers or cups but I really need to have a variable speed motor from 1 – 25 rpm. Would really appreciate some guidance on the easiest and/or the cheapest way of going about achieving this! Any chance you would guide me toward this goal! We also have had our Radio Shack close 4 years ago… So anything needed will have to be ordered… do you have ideas for any suppliers? Any help is appreciated!!! Thanks,

  2. You did a very nice job making this video. But for me it seems a person taking on this weekend project would already have to have higher than basic knowledge of this sort of thing. Can I just go to RadioShack and buy a pre-made speed controller?

  3. Hi, nice fit to my project but how max current it can take? I need it for 7,2V and 480 DC motor (2,5A with no load)

  4. A suggestion from what we know of thermodynamics, a major drawback from electricity is the heat it creates. Think of electricity from the power source as a chemical reaction- energy flows, but with that in mind, it creates kinetic energy in which heat can, over time, break down your components. If people resolved to use strictly magnets (practically harnessing magnetic levitation) for use as a motor, the main challenge we need to overcome would still be the output and incomparably perfect timing. Maybe we could try and "perfect" our current electrical setup, but then the question we're left with is- do we want it to last a century, or 10 years?

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