What tools do you need to do small engine work?

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I’m answering a question that one of my subscribers asked. Take a look at the tools that I use to do my weekend hobby which is small engine repair. Disclaimer:
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28 thoughts on “What tools do you need to do small engine work?

  1. by the looks of things, I'm guessing you inherited a lot of what you have in hand tools.  You could have one hell of a garage sale! Like the tribute to your Granddad on the wall.  That stuff all worked, it just took longer.

  2. Great video. Thank you.

    The single biggest issue I see today is people who do not have a business license or tax payer ID (EIN). I would add that along with a contractor's license if your state requires it.

    I know. No one wants to hear it. I am an attorney. I get to make money when people skip these simple steps.

    Check out an Internet legal service. Costs about $100 and can save you many $K if you need me.

  3. I see you have some Pittsburgh tools. Have you run into anything in the brand that wasn't up to the normal quality? I know Harbor Freight stuff is hit-and-miss in general, but I've never run into anything Pittsburgh that wasn't top-notch myself.

  4. Rule of thumbs for is find they doing business with me then ill will help them / they will uses for 4 all can more to next person , it rolls down hill

  5. 6 point all day 12 pointers are for people who don't use there tools everyday. I have a 12pt set and iam ready to toss them next time I strip a blade bolt on a lawn mower

  6. I don't think it really matters. I prefer 6 point because they don't strip as easy especially with an impact driver. I would keep what you have, but if you do buy new sockets or handtools by a good brand that is guaranteed for life. Many of my worn out 12 point sockets have been replaced for free under warranty.

  7. Do you think I should have both 6 and 12 point sockets in my toolset or is it OK to just have one type for each drive size(1/4,3/8,1/2 drive)?should I stick with 12 point?

  8. Thanks Jeremy,
    Sometimes I get stumped so it is good to have someone to bounce ideas off. Here is my first question for you. I need a HI and Lo screw from an tillitson HK-1 carb. Do you know where I can buy just the screws and not the whole carb. Got any sitting around?

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