7 thoughts on “When Engine Won’t Start – Checking Three Basic Elements on Your Generac Portable Generator

  1. I have the 17500E. It has set up for about 3 or 4 months. It wont start. It has fresh fuel and the oil level is full. It is getting fire to the plugs however, There is little to no fire to the fuel solenoid. I tried to start the unit with out the plunger and spring to see if it would run and it wouldn't. Any idea what I may be dealing with? It does get fuel to the carb because when I remove the fuel solenoid, there was plenty of fuel in the bowl. There is no trash in the fuel and no funny fuel smells. This unit only has 6 hours on it however, it is 5 years old. Please Help! Thanks

  2. generac rs5500 generator has fire and gasoline
    use starting fluid it will run till i stop using starting fluid
    then it stops its about 3 years old with less then 10hours on it
    would run it about 15 min a month

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