Where to find Model, Type ,and Code on various Briggs and Stratton engines

In this video I show the various locations to find the model ,type and code on most of the Briggs and Stratton engines in todays market. While also helping fellow viewers as to what a few parts are called as well as located on a typical 28 to 31 cubic inch Briggs and Stratton engine found on many pieces of Lawn and garden equipment. I know this may seem obvious to most viewers but this video is intended for the novice that really wonts to try to fix there own equipment. { It can even help in providing your local dealer the information he or she would need to service parts for you}…..NOTE fellow viewers there was one thing I failed to address in this video that I would have liked to…….In the CODE numbers ……The first number or numbers often tell you the year the engine was made and In the model the first number or numbers tell you the Cubic inch displacement of that engine ..This information can be helpful when purchasing a piece of small engine equipment.



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