Which John Deere Oil Filter for oil change Riding Lawn Mower Rider

Changing oil on your John Deere D130 Riding Lawn. How to change oil John Deere D110 John Deere D120 John Deere D125 John Deere D130 John Deere D140. I went to Napa and bought a the replacement oil filter. John Deere oil filter AM125424 replaced by NAPA 7035. AM 125424 Oil filter replacement. I replaced the oil filter and added 2 quarts of oil. This video just gives you the Replacement NAPA part number which is NAPA 7035 for the John Deere AM125424. Click the link at the end to see the full oil change!!! Here are some cross references for different oil filters instead of the AM125424, Baldwin B7165, Beck/Arnley 041-0767, Beck/Arnley 041-8078, BIG A 92065,Bosch 0986452058, BRIGGS & STRATTON 120485,B&S 492056,B&S 492932, B&S 492932S, B&S 5049,B&S 695396,B&S 696854,B&S 842921,CARQUEST 85065, ChampLab LF503, CROSLAND 2099, CUB CADET 120-5008,Donaldson P502024, Fram PH8170, HASTINGS LF503,HATZ 50302800,John Deere AM125424,Deere AM125424C,John Deere AM131948,John Deere GY20577,KAWASAKI 49065-7007,LISTER-PETTER 751-12870, LUBER-FINER PH3656,NAPA 1056, NAPA 1056MP, NAPA 7035,Stens 120-485, Tecumseh 36563,Tecumseh 36961,Tecumseh 740057,Wix 51056,Wix 57035 and there may be others!

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  1. Awesome tractor!>>>t.co/mASnThxemL Fairly easy to put together and I say that as I'm female and tried to put it together before family got home as a surprise. But bolts were too tight and needed more muscle. Husband had it put together within 1/2 hour. Have used it 6 times already, starts right up, easy to maneuver and cuts great! Would absolutely recommend!

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