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  1. i had a similar problem on a Honda gx 390 but it was not broken the plastic dipstick was stuck in it took me awhile to find it

  2. hi dony i have a ariens snow blower & i would like to know whatis the best way to store it for the summer is it better to remove all the gas from the tank or should i put a stabilizer i opted to remove all the gas from the tank what's your opinion ?

  3. An 11hp engine of mine refuses to allow me to pull it. It's Chinese, I checked the flywheel key. Quadruple checked the vale lash (set to 0.004 inch). I even rotated the engine and watched the valve go up a hair to see if the compression release was working. Opened the engine up and it was in time. Looking at the camshaft the the lobes look good, but the compression release has some wear on it. How would I know if that's my problem. I'd take it to a lawnmower shop but I have a feeling I'll end up paying them to look over at the same things I'm doing. I am going crazy over this thing and it's becoming to the point I want to give up on it. Did it ever occur to anyone that a compression release valve could still be faulty even though it appears to be fine?

  4. Briggs and stratton has been making misengineered, junky crap for years now. Much easier AND BETTER to just trash the briggs and throw a harbor frieght predator engine on it for under a $100 bucks. The predator engines not only last WAYYY LONGER but they are 10x the quality of that Briggs junk. Been throwing these engines out for a few years now with nothing but satisfied customers

  5. Just wanted to say that your videos are great. Concise, detailed, to the point and quite informative. It seems that you operate your business with honesty, integrity and a true desire to help people (as with your videos) rather than trying to rip people off with unnecessary parts/repairs. I came across your videos while attempting to revive a 1997 Yardman 30" 10hp blower that had broken a connecting rod and blew a hole in the case behind the starter. The 10hp had a cam that rotated counter-clockwise, so when I transplanted a 12hp Snow King onto the chassis, everything had to be reversed including the rubber friction wheel, crank had to be extended with an extra pulley, etc. I've nick-named it Franken-blower. It's almost ready. Had it running the other night but burned a belt. I'm hoping it's a monster. 🙂

  6. I had this problem 5 years ago on snowblower Craftsman. With the help of Dony`s video , I was able to fix and adjust my Craftsman. Later I helped with the repair snowblower two of my neighbors. I want to Express my respect and appreciation to Dony. (The nearest service to repair the snowblower was 100 km away, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.)

  7. Don: How exactly does that lever provide compression relief? I don't believe there are 100% plastic cams. Perhaps the gear.

  8. Nice to see Briggs is going back to steel camshafts. But this is machined and pressed together, I have some Briggs engines from the 70's and 80's with the cast camshaft that are still like new. Never cared for the plastic Ines, it worked, but just looked cheap

  9. That is weird about the damage to that engine, but we know there are defects to all components at times, but it is weird that the company requires you to have to buy the entire gear with the pieces attached, rather than being able to buy individual parts.

  10. That's their Ezy spin camshaft which is found in 4+ HP Briggs & Stratton engines !!!!

    That's why they never release official compression figures for their engines as it is impossible to disable the exhaust valve on their flat head engines to get a true compression reading.

    Sometimes you have to do what the customer tells you to but tell them that you cannot offer them a warranty on the repair.

    If it is a modification to anything that may affect the safety features on the equipment, a legally binding agreement should be done in writing so that you don't end up in court.

    I've recently had a problem with my 148 cc 3 HP Briggs & Stratton lawnmower where the engine ran rough at full revs,I thought it may have been a fuel problem but it was a failing ignition coil.

    The coil failed so I've borrowed one off my 4 HP mower which needs fixing, it runs a lot better now & I'm going to see if a $17 AUD coil will do the trick,I've had trouble with them before with Stihl equipment as sometimes they change something in them like the coil & crankshaft so the same model of machine has different ignition timing.

    I do believe in the if it ain't broken, don't fix it rule !!!!

    I overfilled by Dads Honda HRU217D lawn mower with oil & it smoked up until last December.

    I was going to go through it all to make sure it's not a valve stem oil seal ,valve guide or piston rings,I tried starting it on a cooler summer day such as Christmas day where it was 21 degrees Celsius & it didn't blow any smoke.

    It was blowing a fair bit of smoke at spring time even after I emptied the oil out of the engine until it was at its full level.

    It must've had oil in the PCV system or a stuck oil control ring so if it's not burning oil now, I'm going to leave it alone !!!!

  11. Just wondering. If that unit was electric start would you even have to replace the cam? Harder to start if one had to do so manually but I might live with that. Have to admit I don't know much about snowblower engine design … live down south.

  12. thanks don … was wondering if you had info on that engine .. no that it's a B&S do you have a model #no for it .. thanks don have good weekend .. †

  13. Good day I have cub cadet, & when I use hand start it seems to go easy.Could I , & how have a compression release in mine. It does go easy , how does it work Thanks

  14. This summer I had to replace the cam shaft on a B&S 31000-series engine with the exact same problem. Once the compression release breaks the starter cannot turn the engine over. It only had about 40 hours on it. All of the broken parts were laying in the bottom of the crankcase. On my compression release the shaft rides inside a tiny plastic bushing. The compression release arm looked like it was made from pot metal and it simply broke in two pieces. B&S should be ashamed of themselves for building an engine like this. Even from Ebay a new cam was around $75.

  15. I have had so many briggs engines come in with this problem that I keep a selection of cams in Stock, all I can say is wow briggs, they dropped the ball on that design flaw.

  16. Has anyone ever seen this happen to a Tecumseh Snow King?
    People are always saying how Tecumseh engines were terrible, Not the Snow King, . These are clearly cheaper than any Tecumseh.
    It is insane how much Briggs and Stratton charges for their engines when you can get a comprable Predator for around 106.99 USD and they work hard. Thats pretty sad.
    I had one of those Briggs OHV engines, I got it for free it was a 2001 6.5 206cc general use, basically the same. The carb bowls are made of a cheap porous metal. You leave gas in one too long, it doesnt just clog up jets, the bowls turn to dust inside like Talcum powder. I rebuilt, still never liked the way it ran. Sold it. I was given a 5hp Tecumseh with the briggs. Simple carb clean, engine ran smooth and it was 20 years older. Briggs have gone down hill. Build them in China, use cheaper parts made in China, its what they had to do to survive, still sad. On a snowblower, if it doesnt have a Tecumseh 8 hp or above wont mess with it and if necessary I would install a Predator, not an over priced cheap Briggs. At the very least, they should sell them atca reasonable price. Now wonder Ariens uses those AX engines on mostvof their machines now over Briggs, save money…

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