Why A Tecumseh Engine Was Over-Revving & Repair

In this video I show you why a Tecumseh snowblower engine was revving out of control and the repair to resolve the problem.

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33 thoughts on “Why A Tecumseh Engine Was Over-Revving & Repair

  1. Do you know if the control lever spring is supposed to push the governor linkage towards higher throttle, or if it's supposed to pull it back when you decrease the throttle?

  2. Went to start my snowblower today just to give it my usual pre-season checkout, and it was over-revving like mad. This was the exact problem. Thank you!! Great video!

  3. When my POS over revs I wanna just let it run til it blows up. When it dies in any thing more than an inch or two I wanna push it off the back of a truck doin 70 on some back road. Worthless free cr@p people give me. Meanwhile they get a new machine like I should for a change.

  4. Don, in my case, I recently had to replace the electric starter. I had removed the cover for the flywheel and removed the two bolts that hold the throttle levers in place to the housing. Could I have put something out of whack in there? The engine runs extremely HIGH and I stopped it fearing it may damage something. I have not removed the cover to check what is wrong. Can you advise how I should approach this?

  5. Donyboy, you saved my DAY and my back, we had a foot of snow in the SW suburbs of Chicago yesterday! I had not needed my Ariens in a few winters so my carb needed to be lubed up, This was exactly my problem. Thank you for taking the time to make this video!!!

  6. Dony, all my governor and carburetor parts move freely, however the Tecumseh is still throttling high? Could it be something else?

  7. Why did you not lube the shaft with wd40 once nice a loose follow that up with engine oil on the shaft and it will good for another 10 years. This is my biggest complaint about the youtube videos they all miss all kinds of basic steps.

  8. I have an Ariens 5520 with Tecumseh LH195SP. Ive rebuilt carb, new carb mount gasket and governor linkage is correct. Motor will not idle down i.e runs at full speed even moving throttle down to slow. Throttle is not gummed up and throttle lever arm seems to be working properly. Thoughts? Thank you

  9. well you lubed the throttle shaft on the upper side of the butterfly. did you lube the throttle shaft on the lower side of the throttle shaft, which is only accessible in the venturi, or did you leave it dry?

  10. Hello danny! Went through all your videos many times. All mechanics are free moving. Governor is set proper. This motor wants to rev super high and no medium to low idle speeds. Engine surges and surges at low to medium rpm. Throttle lever makes no difference. Only way to get the governer to chill out is to screw in the idle speed abit. The idle is way too much rpm! When the machine is off yes the butterfly opens and closes with the throttle lever up and down. Carb has been rebuilt new needle and seat. Air jet is clean. Still surge and surge from the governor! I've gone through your videos and please let me know what you think! I don't want to over Rev the motor! Thank you for much of your support in the past)

  11. I just got a craftsman rear engine riding mower with a 10 HP Tecumseh engine. It idles fine though when I try and raise the speed just slightly, it wants to rev to full throttle. It's not gradually increasing speed.

  12. I wondered why Tecumsehs liked to race so much, meanwhile my 73 briggs sounds like it is idleing in comparison!
    I will refer a friend who has a fleet of snow blowers about this vid.

  13. Hi donyboy73,I have a question.I have a 2006 (Im pretty sure)Tecumseh 9Hp snow king,and Ive worked on it quite a bit to keep it running nicely,but I've notice that the choke mechanism really has no difference when I take it off choke.Obviously it stops choking the engine,but the speed Doesnt change at all when you turn the choke knob in between the actually choke setting.is this normal?Also it's not the original carburetor that came with the machine,I replaced a few years back.

  14. Or you could be even more unlucky and have the internal govenor break so u gotta take apart the motor. When somebody gives me a mower or something with a mechicle govenor i try and use a spring to keep the engine from going full roar.

  15. DONYBOY73 – So far, using your video's I've made two  good repairs to my Troybilt snowblower – you're pretty good. Thanks for your help RQDQ  Buffalo NY

  16. Don been watching your vids. Good stuff. Have a 10 hp shredder with Tec engine. When you move the throttle lever it does not move anything. Looks like the linkage is not attached to the arms. Also looks like it is stuck in fast. I can get it going but have to move the throttle linkage back to idle with a screw driver. Mail me at ov10bronco1@yahoo.com please with advice. You are really helping a lot of folks in these tough monetary times. J

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