44 thoughts on “Why and How to Upgrade to a Series 30 Torque Converter Kit

  1. What size sprocket did yours have? I have a 72 tooth and it doesn’t clear the bottom of the torque converter.

  2. Would running a custom 84 tooth sprocket prevent that type of clutch abuse? I have the same yerf dog. Same chain, same 10T clutch and 18 in wheels

  3. I may have already posted not sure, but thought I'd ask you guys. Will a 30 series hold up well with the tillotson 212 on a old school live axle streaker go kart. I know people are saying that the tillotson out of the box is like 10hp so wasn't sure if it needs to be the 40 series or not. I believe its a 30 series on mine currently it's an older comet one with steel plate that the back part is welded to and the engine sits on top of a that plate too. I don't think I have to worry about snapping it. Let me know what you guys think. I'd be doing the usual mods Cam ported head and different carb and maybe a offset key to bump timing a little.

  4. I have the same go kart with a 14 hp and same issue. I was looking for video to see how to install the series 30 and found this. I do have a 1 inch shaft though. I was wondering how fast your cart ran before doing the change over. Mine was scary fast once you managed to get it rolling. Thanks for the video just what i needed.

  5. That's a nice, I guess I didn't put attentionbut I missed what size of engine do you guys have and how many tooth sprocket on the rear??

  6. My kart has a comet series 30 on already along with predator motor 6.5hp 212 motor. We ride in muddy yard a lot. Is it fully compatible to replace with 40 series?

  7. Where did you get your rear sproket??? From the angle I'm looking at it it is most likely keyed but looks like it splits somehow so you do not have to completely pull apart the entire back end to slide the sprocket off. Or am I incorrect and am seeing it from a bad angle??? If I am right do you know where I could scoop one up? Would make the swap I'm working on way easier to do. Thanks for your time hope to hear back from ya.

  8. Go power sport, got a 780 comet clutch from them.
    ,the clutch had 3 different color spring in it . didn't work well and they would not take it back.

  9. Why not totally eliminate the chain and sprocket and put the driven (aka secondary) sheave/clutch directly on the axle? You may have to play with the primary and secondary clutch sizes to get the right ratio but would be a more efficient way of getting the power to the wheels. Also would need a longer belt but there’s a million sizes out there since this is the type of set-up many 4 wheelers and UTV’s have, just a straight CVT setup. Maybe a secondary doesn’t exist that allows an axle to go totally through it?

  10. Awesome video guys and thank you for the information about the 212 and the 30 series torque converter . I have a question about the sprocket and chain is on the opposite side of the torque converter on the kart I am building it had a 5 hp Briggs on it it ran great . Just wondering would it do the same with the predator

  11. The clutch was getting red because it was rubbing against the chain while you where holding the shit will going wide open

  12. What would be the best sprocket to use on a dingo by manco with a torque converter to get the most torque possible. Not really looking for speed here.

  13. I have a kart with 16 inch tall rear tires and a 38 tooth sprocket on my live axle. Would I still need a larger sprocket to run a torque converter for decent take off?

  14. Exactly my problem and will be my solution. I was running a 420 predator motor on a two seater go kart and the clutch would get red hot after a few minutes driving.

  15. I'm not a go kart expert, but I bought an old yerf dog in great shape. Only problem is the Tecumseh that was on it. There's not a Tecumseh on this planet I would want. I went on gopowersports.com and picked out the tillotson 212 hemi engine, but don't know which torque converter setup to get. Any advice or inputs would be greatly appreciated. What is the difference between the 30 series and 40 series? Thanks in advance!

  16. Hey I have a 212 cc predator motor and bought a bullet torque converter 30 series it fits but won't allign with the sprocket 62T don't know what to do

  17. I have a yerf-dog with just front suspension (model 3033A) and I put a Predator 212 on it with the cheap $60 eBay 30 series TC and it vibrates like crazy up until top speed then its a nice ride, particularly the floor pan vibrates bad. Bolts and screws are tight, everything lined up, nothing out of the ordinary. I just ordered a brand new jackshaft for it just like the one it had from the factory. Hopefully that solves my vibration issue.

  18. TCs eat up belts, stall on hills and start fires. Theres a reason racers use clutches, real orvs use cvts or gear boxes in tandem with a clutch.
    Not to mention, you guys are raping kids on the prices.

    For those looking for a good offroad application, look into performance jack shaft kits. Easy as changing the jack shaft gear to change ratios.

    These things from GPS are overrated, overpriced and not worth the modification it takes some vehicle to employ them.

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