Why do I save these mowers?? -Saved from the scrap yard…again.

Why do I save these free mowers?? -Saved from the scrap yard…again. Some touch up paint, carburetor cleaning and blade cleaning off camera…its like new again! ~Next Time I will do Oil and Blade cleaning on camera. I did not want the video getting to long. Sit back and Enjoy…
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32 thoughts on “Why do I save these mowers?? -Saved from the scrap yard…again.

  1. Check compression and removed the head to check carbon on valves. The prime bulb might have a hole in it to create in not to start fix by super glue or replace. Clean magneto and check coil gap

  2. Only if people would add a stabilizers to the fuel before storing and run down the carb would get plugged along with cleaning, would they leave there car that way, some will

  3. Those mowers are tough as hell! I've got the same one had it for 5 years now. Bought it brand new and then it was in the flood. But took the carb, drained old oil out cleaned everything and she still runs! Gotta love a Murray. Shocking though since it's a Briggs and Stratton engine

  4. Nice photography, nice editing, speeding up frames …. . But you spending so much time cleaning up something that you had no idea if it worked or not, or had major mechanical problems. This drove me crazy. Looks like a lot of fun I do this too also. If i May suggest do the core work THEN put the lipstick on it. Then sell it for $25, give it to someone for free or put it on a street corner saying FREE. Nice video over all.

  5. Never take a carb off always always try fresh fuel first and see if it will go also try easy start to get it off the ground if no luck then go to the carb

    but in most instances better just to get a new carb very cheap I get mine from China never fails even on Honda engines have done

    4 mowers now and all ok still I cut grass for a living so my mowers work hard still no problem !!!!!!!!!!!thank you …………….

  6. I love watching someone give a neglected, rejected "thing" the TLC it need to become fully functioning and useful again.

  7. I would, my cleaning process would start with a straight water rinse and blow with air, then use Totally Awesome as a cheep effective degreaser.
    Used to not care, but now more cautious to not get so many chemicals on my skin.

  8. Nitrile gloves are cheaper than liver failure or a trip to the doc for contact dermatitis, 'specially in the United States of Pfizer. Just sayin'.

  9. i'm doubting the authenticity of this video… the carb was clean and the dirt came off just a little too easy. i'm thinking he staged this video

  10. when they find a way to manufacture polymers that can resist the heat and pressures of combustion they will make the entire block out of plastic crap. they are heading in that direction, they already make the aluminum castings cheaper and thinner then ever.

  11. Those b&s plastic carbs have a known jet issue. The pilot jet it too small and will clog again if you don’t drill it out a thousandth of an inch.

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