Why my engine is blowing black smoke

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In this video we take a look at a pressure washer that is blowing black smoke. We remove the head to determine what the problem with the unit is. Disclaimer:
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13 thoughts on “Why my engine is blowing black smoke

  1. If the carburetor is allowing too much fuel in thru the jets. the carb is obviously worn.

    A new carburettor will have tight tolerances and not allow the extra fuel through.

    I have the same issue with a 1979 5hp 130902 vertical. the carb is old obviously. so when i open the throttle up i have to be careful to open it slowly or it will pump too much fuel into the engine thus lack of acceleration and black smoke

  2. hi, ihave a craftsman generator that is chugging out black smoke, I have clean out carb, new airfilter, adjusted valves to .004, what is wrong, ii had lots of gas in my oil

  3. SAVE THE FLYWHEEL…1000's of Briggs lawn mower engines make good general purpose engines with the heavier flywheel…you might even find a cheap lawn mower with the right shaft to replace the junker on your washer..??

  4. 1. most likely the choke is sticking causing it to run very rich. 2. the carb and or fuel bowl gaskets are leaking and allowing an improper balance of air and fuel. get a complete gasket kit or a new carb. 3. someone left it turned upside down for a period of time. try a can of seafoam to burn out all that carbon buildup.

  5. black smoke is cause by a bad carburetor, the carb is made of plastic… and it's a joke, replace the carb with a new carb, or find a choke-o-matic carb and replace it with that with the fuel tank that the carb is attached on… and remember to replace the breather tube on it as the breather tube on it is small for the plastic carb while the choke-o-matic carb needs a longer breather tube

  6. no, black smoke is caused by a bad carburetor putting in too much fuel and it's made from plastic, no way of adjusting the proper fuel/air mixture ratio, and they are junk! and if gas and oil mix… it would smoke a little blue smoke… not black

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