39 thoughts on “Will 2-Cycle Gas Work in a 4-Cycle Engine? Let’s Find Out!

  1. I had a new battery slide Into a pulley and cut a hole in one of the cells, tried almost every type of glue. The answer turned out to be Bono body putty. I think that would work quite well on your fuel line leakage.
    It took over a year for my Bondo patch to start seeping

  2. Real high tech- a ziplock baggie gas tank! šŸ˜€ Have you ever tried starting fluid spray? The kind you would prime an automobile engine with.

  3. I probably wouldn't do this in a car, might ruin the cat. But i have run mixed fuel in 4 stoke lawn mowers plenty of times with absolutely no issue.

  4. I would be interested in seeing a video dedicated to the lubricity test of gasoline and mixing oils including both conventional and synthetic 2 stroke oil, 4 stroke oil, straight gas and all the appropriate mixtures. Would be neat to see what ones will perform best with less damage to a 2 stroke engine

  5. Love this video! Iā€™m guilty of dumping the fuel from a 2 stroke into a 4 stroke when I needed just enough gas to finish a job! Great to see it tested!

  6. You shouldn't have wasted your time on this b******t test you should have filled crankcase with the two stroke oil burning a 50.0 to one or what ever ratio used 2 stroke isake to burn and lubricate the Piston duuuuh

  7. Wow, with a clear head and 2 stroke mix you can see how the fuel and air circulates in the combustion chamber. if your into porting and modding that can be great info to know. Thanks again for making these vids

  8. Have you trying taking off the carburetor Bowl and cleaning it before doing all of your test? This way you can pletely remove any gasoline or any residue from your previous test I built a small engine of my own just to run some of my own fuel test with and sometimes I'm getting completely different results than you are and whenever I made an engine run on some insane stuff even after letting it run until it died from having no fuel if one is spearmint I wanted to see because of how well it was running on my fuel that used waste oil that was mixed with a couple of other things I check the carburetor bowl and there was still gasoline in it and very little of the fuel I made was getting mixed in and burned after I started doing this I got a lot more accurate results because I knew it was just whatever Fuel I am running it on

  9. Life on the farm , Chainsaw gas in the lawnmower 50 to 1 . been doing that 30 plus years never hurt anything. My 20 hp overhead cam yardman was 22 years old had over 20 gallons of mix fuel run through it . and it took 10 gallons a summer to cut the yard . when you ran out of gas and have mix use it . I have a New Pony 18hp and have used 3 gallons of mix in it so far this summer. I try to keep 15 gallons of gas , but forget to take the cans to town . Never run straight gas in a 2 stroke , the oil in 2 stroke is to lube the rings .

  10. i find your videos very interesting. I'm not sure but maybe by higher fuel ratio they meant a more leaner ratio like 100 to 1 mix. thanks.

  11. I have to wonder, if there would be positive results in adding 2 stroke oil even to normal car engines. Lets say you have a 30 gallon gas tank on your vehicle and at every other fill up, you just add 1 of those small plastic containers of 2 stroke oil { they are 1 pint/16ozs} at each fill up . This would amount to about 1/2 oz per gallon. I wonder if that would create better lubrication in the pistons/cylinder walls and even prolong the life of the rings, seals, etc ?

  12. I ran out of gas in my 1988 s10 truck..I had 5 gallons of premix in gas can..20 to 1 mixture. . one quart of 2 stroke oil to 5 gallons of gas….truck ran fine put on 60 miles…motor 4.3 liter throttle body EFI. ..

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