20 thoughts on “Will a gas engine run on 100% octane booster? Let's find out!

  1. Use gasket remover or jet paint remover to clean off carbon buildup, just spray and let sit for a few minutes, then wipe. If the carbon is thick, just keep spraying and wipe till it gone. It even shines the metal like it's been polished. It's better than using a wire brush.

  2. I wonder what the orange stuff left behind is? Is Sulfur a possibility? Interesting!

    In order to treat octane in a 12-16gallon tank you’d think the “booster” alone would have high enough octane properties that it would not ignite. Much like trying to run 100% ethanol or diesel diesel! You’d have to change the compression or air fuel ratio.

  3. 02:24
    please be very careful, this additive is extremely toxic. It contains a substance. that has the heatlh sentences H310 + H330 (fatal in contact with skin or when breathing in) among others, in fairly large quantities

  4. "No noticable decrease or increase in power." And that's at 100%. Its sold as an additive and octane booster. Its $14 for a 16oz can. Wrap your head around that scam.

  5. I used to drain the boosted mix from my YZ-250 race bike if it sat more than 2 weeks, and burn it in my lawn mower. Ran like a charm, smoked like a 2-stroke, but smelled great.
    I had (still have) a spark plug sandblaster to maintain the plug & keep it from oil fouling. And to save a few more bucks a year.
    Artists and musicians that have never raced a dirt bike don't know what it's like to be broke.

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