46 thoughts on “will it run? 1943 Briggs & Stratton model ZZ engine

  1. Hello Musti1 yup they R a heavy engine. I have a 23AFB rated at 9 hp, w a Delco-Remy
    gen starter and auto ignition coil. This might have a large mag UNDER the flywheel,
    it looks like a horse-shoe crab!

  2. Made of good stuff, it would be wonderful if our manufacturers would of kept making good durable products like this and just upgraded the electronics as we progressed.

  3. Michael Dulaney– The engine is 1943 vintage, so its chain of ownership is long. Do you happen to know what it originally powered? The condition of this motor speaks well for Briggs & Stratton construction, even today.
    * Many of the machine screw heads were single-slot, not Philips. It took decades, apparently, to switch over to Philips.

  4. Kit's from back in the day came with a cardboard gauge to set floats, though most people set them by eye. It should set level across when upside down and viewing it from the side looking through the workings. They built things back then to last, not like nowadays. Love the sound those old engines could make. My Mother could overhaul those old engines. She was the first Women to graduate small engine mechanics in Tulsa Vo Tech college back in 1956. My Dad was a Master Mechanic so it runs in the family i guess. She had her picture in the Paper pregnant with me When she Graduated lol.

  5. I beleave thats the type of carb thats supposed to have the oil air filter on it. I used to have that same carb on a 80's briggs go-kart motor i called it the frankenstein briggs because i had like 15 diffrent year briggs parts on it.

  6. The backfire is cool but it could be due to timing issue or valves being tight. More then likely the issue I doubt anyone has ever done valve adjustment on it by measuring lash between the taps and valve stem.

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