46 thoughts on “Will it Run? Free generator from the side of the Road.

  1. As i was watching the video and you were having starting issues towards the end, I was expecting the video to end with it going back to the curb with a free sign..lol. What a great find!

  2. What happens in most generators is the owner leaves the fuel to long without stable. The fuel gums up the fuel cutoff and the carb. If your lucky cleaning the jets will get it back running. If your not lucky the guts that you cannot get to is gummed. What happens is the engine will run only if the choke is half open, if you open the choke while it is running it will die. Had little success using fuel cleaners to unblock it. The good news is a new carb is very cheap to buy. The other option is to have it cleaned where they have the proper equipment but it's just not worth the cost.

  3. I've the mindset that he went out and bought a newer model that is quieter and more economical and just didn't have anyone to give this to so it was left out needed it

  4. for me i'll go remove the engine first on its frame so it would be easy if i need to see something inside the engine but in his case i think its a minor job

  5. Can this thing be used as a backup generator for a smaller house or they usually need a bigger version ? I'm not into this kind of stuff, just curious.

  6. Throw away the gas rebuild the carb it sparks ⚡️ so unless something's bust inside it will run …. I rebuilt one and the carb didn't even have a mixture screw

  7. id love to find one by the side of the road. these people are clueless,like talking to a wall-i think the wall would be more responsive. a suction gun would suck it out at a much faster rate. i run my gear totally out of fuel and get every drop out. i even take a long pr of forcepts  with a rag to get every last drop out. in the next season i prime it and it starts end runs perfect every time.it's too funny. hardly any brains left today. art retired ob mech hydroplane racer

  8. Make a proper gasket or buy one. That instant gasket stuff will melt with petrol and blow out. I wouldn't trust this generator at all with that bodge job.

  9. I have essentially the same generator rated at 5000 watts and never shut mine off. I'd shut off the gas valve and let the carb run out of gas, never failed to start in over 6 years.

  10. The previous owner do not know that the frequency deviation with U.S. mains, that was the root cause of all problems leading to earlier redundancy .LOL.

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