35 thoughts on “Will it Run? old neglected Honda snowblower

  1. looks like this snowblower is also a good leaf thrower. as always a good vid thanks for your repair vids even someone like me can learn a few tricks

  2. hi I'm from South Wales in the UK and I have been watching your videos now for the last few weeks and and think you are amazing at what you do and I would like to do the same but in the UK we don't have any garage sales like you have over there especially for the prices that you get things for good luck and keep on putting on the videos. regards Will

  3. I picked up about 8 snowblowers over the summer sold a few during the snow storm last week have 4 or 5 I don't want to spend money on to fix if your interested let me know I'm in Massachusetts so we can't be that far apart

  4. Good heads up for folks looking to get a bargain at a yard sale, you can always assume an unqualified wrench has had his way with it and failed. Offers should be made with this in mind.

  5. Mustie 1, something you pointed out and something happen hit me at the end of the video. First I remembered the but connectors in the kill switch circuit. I also noticed the engine ran a bit after you turned the kill switch off. Like the butt connector was corroded causing an open intermittent open circuit.

  6. for the plastic flange with the choke/fuel shutoff : there is a small screwhead underneath the choke knob that will let it pop off, the fuel shutoff one will pull right out if it lines up properly, pull up gently and spin it back n forth until it pops out

  7. My Grandfather had one of these, probably from the late 1980s. Retired it in 2005, when I got it. Used it for a few years before selling it. It was really small, not that good for snow above a few inches. The modern single stage throwers are nearly twice as tall.

  8. I like your cool finds

    But you kinda get things wrong

    I dont know what to tell u


    Other guys handle situations

    Why mess with the float bowel upper gasket ? Just leave it alone

    The knobs have set screws
    Thats the first thing to look for

    On that vid u did on that super cool old blue honda mini bike. Just cut out the rusted area of the tank , shape up a patch , weld it in
    Most tanks only rust out in one area anyway and fix the forks for your buddy

    Also on that onan 450 mini generator with tank rust or any rusty tank

    Just pour a handful of bb's and shake the tank well for 10 min or so to loosten all the rust scale

    The air aint going to cut it

    This is basic small engine tricks


  9. Hi Mustie, greetings from Australia. Would you consider doing a Q&A video?? Im sure there is heaps of questions you get over and over again, such as, what happens to all the items you repair? Sell or give away?
    Thanks, Adam

  10. Quick question. Why didn't you change that red fuel filter or at least backflush it before you reassembled the machine?

  11. Love all your little tips and tricks.. Keep doing what your doing… ( subscribed ) Quick question?.?. I'm into Suzuki GT750 ( water buffalo you guys call them) here in the uk, we call them kettles.. Ever thought of finding one, on Craig's list, or one of your barn finds, and show us how you would get it going?.. Thanks brown Crichlow ..

  12. I have to wonder – why don't you use gasket compound more often? It certainly worked fine for my 1981 Ford Escort (in fact, it was mandated for certain parts)

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