Will it run? Seized , Curb Alert Murray lawnmower

Curb alert 2012 Murray Craigslist find
Briggs classic engine 300 series
Made in McRae GA USA. Which makes me think this was made by Husqvarna/AYP. I know they had a facility in McRae GA
The new ones like this in 2020 say made in China now
I also got a pressure washer from the same house on curb alert
Bottom feeder bare bones lawnmower
20” cut,
A friend gave me the tip for the curb alert

– Cleaned carburetor
– fixes carb linkage issues
– Cleaned gas tank
– replaces diaphragm with a Used diaphragm I had
– replaces Break cable (from scrapped mower)
– New primer bulb
– Sharpened blade
– new lock nuts for all 4 wheels
– Oil looked fresh and clean
– Air filter on order




3 thoughts on “Will it run? Seized , Curb Alert Murray lawnmower

  1. Time stamps

    0:08 intro
    0:38 break cable seized
    1:50 oil check
    2:21 check for spark
    2:24 seized engine
    3:22 Unseized engine
    4:00 check for spark
    4:57 fires but does not run right
    5:22 Carb spring screwed up
    5:55 linkage problem
    6:26 clean tank
    6:40 water in fuel
    7:07 take off carburetor
    8:22 diaphragm is trash
    9:30 put on used diaphragm that is ok
    10:10 put on intake o ring and retaining clip
    10:20 put back on tank
    12:40 first start
    14:24 replace primer bulb
    16:22 final start and look after cleaning and blade sharpen

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