29 thoughts on “Will it Run? yard sale leaf blower.

  1. Mustie,
    Tip of the Day!
    When I have to "clean" holes and passages, I've found rifle bore cleaning brushes on a variable speed drill works wonders. They're available in nylon, brass, copper, and stainless steel.

    Nice work bud!

  2. One more great video. I agree with the fact that alcohol attracts water. This is why they say do not buy premix at a boat dock. Much lower turnover rate vs regular gas. Yes I own a 2 cycle boat motor. Next on proof. All vodka starts as grain alcohol. 190 proof or greater. Just add water to get the desired proof you want. You want cheap vodka, buy grain alcohol add equal amounts of water and alcohol together. What make the best vodka is the number of times it is filtered.

  3. I know this comment is late, and you likely know this, but if you need to raise the level in your sonic cleaner, place someting inside to displace the existing fluid and raise the level to cover your items to be cleaned. Just my two pence for the fun. Thanks for the videos.

  4. Strictly speaking ,methanol,alcohol (ethanol )and gasoline are all alcohols(gasoline is I think is pentanol, hexanol and heptagon as a mixture). I feel like a real smart ass😒

  5. man i love the videos and what you do put you CAN put a paper filter on a non fuel pumped system i do it all the time to my personal shit and customers and have no issues. don't have to clean the carb all the time either them red filter do nothing! my tractor actually has a fuel shut off and paper filter and have no issues

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