Wisconsin VG4D speed prob

Motor wisconsin vg4d 1978 on a kohler generator wont get any speed stuck at 100 volt on the meeter and shoulbe 240 volt any idea ? Its a brand new carb zenith L57



3 thoughts on “Wisconsin VG4D speed prob

  1. I checked my Wisconsin service books, and unfortunately they are too old to show the Zenith L57 carb diagram or have any troubleshooting information. Keep me informed on what you find out. All my Wisconsin engines have the early up-draft style carbs.

  2. That is a weird one. If the shaft going into the carb housing is turning with the linkage, I would pull the carb again and check the throttle disk/plate on that shaft. If that all appears ok? Let me know what you find and I will see if I can help. It is getting a fuel air mix that is near correct for it to run. Odd part is the throttle plate shaft motion is not changing that fuel/air ratio to accelerate or idle.

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