Working 3D-Printed Car Engine Models!

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We meet Eric Harrell, who brought his collection of functional 3d-printed car engines and transmissions to this year’s Maker Faire! Eric shows us his 1/3rd scale engines, which he designs from reference schematics and measurements to highlight how real engines work. Eric has also made his files available online for anyone to make their own replicas!

Find Eric’s car engine models here:

Shot by Gunther Kirsch and edited by Norman Chan

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23 thoughts on “Working 3D-Printed Car Engine Models!

  1. theres metal 3d printing the company neer me dosnt think they can do it im gonna find a compant who will these things would run if it was metal right or no

  2. A "working" ICE engine without the internal combustion part..
    its a cool model but its not "working"
    Mechanic: Everything rotates so its working, job done $3,134.83 please. Customer: but the car wont start….., Mechanic: its working i dont know what else you want….

    get it printed in metal..

  3. This guy is building all this with a cheap printer that everyone can afford or use…not the industrial printer for the big companies. Excellent work sir!! Hat is off too you!!

  4. Theres something about an engine that has captivated me since i was a kid. Maybe its just the beauty in the engineering of all the parts noving. Just a true thing of beauty

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