Working Principle – Single Stage Pressure Regulator

This is a training video on Single Stage Regulator for understanding how it works and why the Delivery Pressure Increases in a Single Stage Regulator when the cylinder pressure varies (Drops) due to Consumption of Gas from the cylinder



42 thoughts on “Working Principle – Single Stage Pressure Regulator

  1. Good video. Only you didn't make it clear that the regulator cannot increase the outlet pressure to above the incoming high pressure. It can match or reduce pressure only.

  2. This unit seems to be well made▪▪▪>    and it does not leak at all. I have this connected to my plumbing, but not to the compressor tank, and it has been pressurized to 120 PSI for days without moving. The small volume of air in the plumbing would drop in pressure if there were leaks.

  3. Music was too loud imo, too much echo in the narration starting around @2:00, and I did not clearly understand how the pressure the gas is reduced by the pressure regulator. I assume the gas flowing through the small nozzle above the high pressure valve chamber into the low pressure valve chamber reduces the pressure, but I did not clearly understand that from the video. Off to find another video that better explains this mechanism.

  4. One thing i dont understand, as the tank pressure lessens, the valve opens allowing more gas to flow, thus shouldnt it will increase the pressure in low pressure chamber, pushing diaphragm up and closes the valve. So how does the end of tank dump works?

    High-pressure gas enter's the regulator and fills high-pressure chamber gas remains contained until adjusting knob is turned open whitch compresses spring and pushes downward on the diaphragm.whitch intern pushes valve open releases gas into low-pressure chamber.Putting an oposing force on the diaphragm

  6. this is not an entertainment video where the fancy music background is required to be played…you providing some nice info and it defeats your whole purpose of making the videos with subtitles with nice animations and definitely vains out the effort…

  7. Bad video editing skills by:
    — Distracting background music!
    — Repetitive scrolling title in quick succession!

    Who do you expect is able to pay attention under these circumstances?

  8. Sir when the cylinder is full my regulator is working properly but when it is less (5-10%). A small leakage is happening near on/off knob(it smell a lot when I on). But the delivery boy is saying it smell when it is less. But for me I think its leaking. Is it possible to leak near on/off knob.?

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