27 thoughts on “Yamaha Blaster Complete Engine Rebuild!

  1. if you want a quality engine assembly or modifications look up ken o'connor racing, he is in CT and he is the best of the best as far as blaster motors go. His prices are very reasonable too !

  2. You don't need to trench the cases for a vitos 3mm stroker only the 4mm, all that unnecessary trenching will do is increase crankcase volume which will decrease your performance.

  3. if you mean with the blow torch it was so he could get the bearing in easier without damaging it. You put the bearing in the freezer and heat up the case then drop it in and you're good to go

  4. Hello I have a problem with my Yamaha Blaster.. When I open the throttle the engine falls out. Here is a video of it with more info. Please help šŸ˜‰ youtu.be (slash) 8mq9YupKKWQ

  5. i have a honda 4trax and i got water in and locked up engine. I got water out and put in new oil how can i free it up do i need to take it apart or is it just fucked

  6. a 3mm crank does not need machining the +4 does and you will not get full compression till the engine has been broke in properly cause the rings have not had time to seat in the fresh hone ??

  7. pliers on the wristpin omg i can go all day about what was done wrong in this vid
    holy shit paper gasketsĀ 
    i need to stop
    atleast he owns a torque wrench ++++

  8. I like the vid, but there are a lot of things i would have done differend!!
    Especialli with 2stoke engines wich run high rpm's!!
    Take a little more care for the engine when assembling!
    Fitting the 2 engineparts with a hammer? u know everytime you hit that engine, your crankshaft gets a hard time?
    Next time better heat the bearings a little in warm 2stroke oil, and place them then on the crank, next heat the engine itself so the crank with the bearings will slide of easy!

    Placing the pistonpen on this way isn't also great, another hit on the crankbearing from the pistonrod, those small and simple mistakes can destroy an engine on high rpm's.

    Things i learned from making those mistakes wich cost money.

    Still keep up the work and goodluck! Like to see more!

  9. Lol that's gonna blow up u put the circlips in facing to the side the momentum will push them right out you only ever put them in facing up or down because it will hold them in tighter

  10. Always fun building engines but for some advice you should never pound bearings in, never hit the cases you should heat the main bearing so it falls right in and you should always put seal grease in the inner lips of the seal. The rubber will win over the steel shafts and circlips should be facing up.

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