Yamaha Fuel Pump Install on G29 Drive | Gas Golf Cart Fuel Pump

DIY Golf Cart shows you how to install a fuel pump on a 2008 Gas Yamaha Drive golf cart. This fuel pump not only works on a G29 but also fits the G22 model as well. Please subscribe to our You Tube channel for other popular golf cart parts and accessories videos.



11 thoughts on “Yamaha Fuel Pump Install on G29 Drive | Gas Golf Cart Fuel Pump

  1. Good video. It would have been better if you had gone through how you knew the fuel pump needed reworking and how you confirm it is working now. Thanks.

  2. My Yamaha G29 started to smoke badly. The smoke smelled a little like oil. I checked the oil and there is definitely gasoline in it. Opened the air box and there is gasoline in there too. I was told it could be the fuel pump. The pump is working because the cart still runs. Should I change the fuel pump or just clean the vent on it. I know I will need to change the oil since it is diluted with fuel. How will I know that I have fixed the problem without contaminating the new oil?

  3. I want to upgrade my Yamaha g16 to an electric fuel pump. Any suggestions which fuel pump I should choose?

  4. Got an old 1984 columbia golf cart formally harley davidson. Fuel pump shot, so I put an electric low volume fuel pump on it, she'll start rev up good to speed and then quit. Thoughts?

  5. i have a G5 im trying to get running iv been through the carb already , its hard starting and when it starts there is gas spitting out of the carb and i took the air filter lid off and there is what seams to be raw gas coming into the air cleaner from the hose that runs from the air cleaner to the top of the engine , it has good compression , any ideas ?? …. thanks !

  6. Does the fuel pump control the fuel gauge ?  I noticed fuel leaking from my fuel pump from behind so I disconnected and reconnected it and then my fuel gauge does not work ,  I ordered a new pump hoping that resovles my problem ,

  7. Hey DIY,
    Will the cart run without the vent hose connected to the air cleaner?
    The fuel pump doesn't seem to be working.

  8. Ours quit running and would not restart until we got it home and then ran fine ,could it be the accelerator pedal as it would not engage every time when attempting to start ?

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