Yamaha RD 500 V4 || Engine Rebuild 1/3

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✖✖ DESCRIPTION: A fast-forward timelapse of the assembly process of our 2-Stroke Yamaha RD 500 V4 engine
✖✖ VIDEO : GoPro Hero
✖✖ AUDIO : GoPro Hero
✖✖ SOFTWARE: AVS Video Editor

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20 thoughts on “Yamaha RD 500 V4 || Engine Rebuild 1/3

  1. Isn't that way to much gasket-silicone on the engine block? I would only apply a thin layer to prevent the silicone from coming into the crankcase.

  2. bunlar yanlış öle toplanmaz o motor ah işte bizim memlekete getirmediler böyle special makinalar.elin gavuru oynuyor amk..

  3. Is every cylinder indipendent from the sight of the aspiration? (air-fuel mixture can't leave his own cylinder sector such as a monocylindric engine) Thanks

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