Yard Machine Lawn Mower – Carburetor Diaphragm Replacement Briggs & Stratton Engine – March 3, 2013

Part III, this is the Carburetor Diaphragm Replacement using the Briggs and Stratton Kit # 5083 for this 4HP Quantum Engine. This kit will fit many of the fixed primer bulb type carburetors. Get everything as clean as possible before placing the Diaphragm and then the Gasket on that goes between the gas tank and Carburetor. Making sure the holes are lined up for the screws. Very easy to do this replacement kit cost $4.98 from my local Home Center Store. See Part IV for the Startup after the Carburetor Diaphragm has been replaced:



27 thoughts on “Yard Machine Lawn Mower – Carburetor Diaphragm Replacement Briggs & Stratton Engine – March 3, 2013

  1. Hi JeanLouisBarrault you will need that spring hopefully its not lost that's the Governor Spring I believe you talking about. Inside the cover is like a fan and as the engine speeds up and slows down that fan will move the throttle linkage. That Spring keeps the linkage in place and power up when you hit heavy grass.

  2. Hi JeanLouisBarrault that missing spring will cause it not to run correctly, or just start and cut off. The spring puts pressure against that diaphragm giving the vacuum needed to get fuel into the carburetor. It’s a small part but easy to put back on. The Fly Wheel Guard is just a dust/dirt protective cover and want effect it starting or running. Your getting there, great way to learn is just do it yourself!

  3. Hi JeanLouisBarrault, your good see nothing to it just a little patience; they will now try to recruit you as subject matter expert! Just posted a similar Yard Machines Diaphragm replacement that may show the carburetor better but sounds like your good in that part. Do you need a rope replacement video I have posted a few I can send you those links. That's a great job you did!

  4. Hi Vincent thanks for viewing! Certainly sound like you have some trash that carburetor has picked up inside the tank. If it’s a carburetor over the tank like this one best to clean out the gas tank, carburetor and might as well replace that diaphragm & gasket. Generally it will just not running correctly if a bad diaphragm sounds like something is stopped up in that carburetor. This is around a $6.00 in USD part stick with the Briggs & Stratton part # for it. Let me know how it goes.

  5. I have a problem with lawn mower, it starts ok but runs uneven for a minute and then dies… any ideas? it has the same type carb as shown in this video.

  6. I took the carb off, cleaned all the dirt from it and from the tank too… now it starts and you can run it without it cutting off just fine but the rpm is uneven, it goes up and down, i guess the diaphragm is too old? could a old spark plug (probably original 7 years old) be also what causes this? the machine has been sitting for years and it has the original spark plug 😀

  7. Changed diaphragm and still the rpm goes up and down whole time :/ 

    Never mind, i adjusted the spring on carb and it evened it out, thanks for all the help mountainbikekayak! now i got working lawn mower with new diaphragm so hopefully it lasts for a while.

  8. Is there a part 1 that goes with this vid?  Or any vids showing the actual taking off of things, instead of just cutting to it already done? My mower has started totally acting up and the manual said the change the oil and fuel completely, there may be debris in it, and check the spark plug, all of which I could probably easily do if I saw someone else do it. I have this same machine.

  9. so glad a ran into this video. this is my 1st time owning a lawn mower. it seems as I have the same lawnmower as yours it's a yard machines 4.5 hp. now the last time it was put away it was leaned on its side and seems like all the oil leaked all over now it won't start. and when it does a lot of white smoke comes out the exhaust. also does this take regular gas? ? just clueless S.O.S.

  10. Thanks for the part number on the diaphragm. I've cleaned the carb, air filter, replaced the spark plug and fresh gas. Hopefully replacing the diaphragm will solve the problem.

  11. soak the foam filter in gasoline, break parts cleaner, or paint thinner or similar solvent and then spray out with a hose. squeeze but dont twist dry and set in sun to dry. good as new.

  12. My lawnmower will start up then it dies right out. I've changed the gas, spark plug & changed the diaphragm with the other components just as you have. Still no resolution, any ideas anyone?

  13. Excellent video,i just moved back into a house that my buddy owns so its time to start mowing again,arrgg, lol, i bought one of these years ago and my buddys has been using it with no maintenance of course, it wont fire anymore so I'm gonna do a whole rebuilt on carb and all that, thank you much for the parts numbers!!!!

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