33 thoughts on “Yard Sale finds, power equipment. sept 29,2018

  1. In my area of Oklahoma they have what we call the 100 mile garage sale. People come from Texas and it stretches from northern Oklahoma to southern Kansas

  2. That Honda was a nice pick up. I have 3 of the 38-13. Those engines (liquid cool) are indestructible. I heard those were based of the CIVIC CVCC engine?
    But your next video should be that one!

  3. Yes, the boots and bunker pants are set like that in your locker space so you can stick your feet in the boots and pull the bunkers up in a second or so.

  4. Can’t help myself, subscribed to Mustie1 a little over 6 months ago and Really Enjoy what and how he does his fixing things. Haven’t watched em all yet but keep them coming!

  5. I know you like to put motors on bikes. BUT I was thinking how bout a bike trailer, with a motor and drive wheel you hook on the back and it pushes the bike. Like the back half of a Goped you can attach and remove from the bike. Or electric pusher trailer.

  6. It's hard to pass up free! As for quiet engines, an aunt of mine had a John Deere with a Kawasaki engine on it and it was a very quiet running engine.

  7. Helmut looks like a Cairns 660 c metro my first model Helmut I used, it has a white nomex fire hood, and you can call them pants bunker pants or a.ka. turnout gear

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